Sunday, 19 August 2012

Magazine: Living Vegan (Winter 2012)

This is the third issue of this Australian vegan magazine, and what a colourful one it is. Just check out the cover, which features the amazing rainbow cake that won in the 'sweet cakes category' of the Vegan Bake Off competition which was organized by Animal Liberation Victoria. An article and more photos of entries are featured in this issue of the magazine.

In this issue, you can also read an interview with Australian model, Amanda Rootsey who is not only a vegan but also one of the people behind the Vegan Card, which offers discounts from over 60 vegan friendly businesses around Australia.

There is also an interview with vegan photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, who is involved with the project "We Animals", and an article about the ALV's lockdown at a battery hen factory factory where cruelty and suffering was occurring.

There are brief articles on juicing and on durians (sorry, but yuck!), plus the regular features such as the Armchair Activist and the Recipe Corner (my partner wants to try out the Party Sausage Rolls).

There really is much more in this issue than what I have briefly covered here, so I strongly recommend that get yourself a subscription to this magazine. Check out their website on how to do that.

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