The Recipes

Listed here for your convenience, are links to the recipes featured on this blog.
(Updated as each new recipe is posted.)

The soups, stews, casseroles 
Millet and Miso vegetable soup
Hearty Brown Stew
Beans and Things
Broccoli Pasta Soup
Potato and Fennel Soup
Easy Spinach, Lime and Ginger Soup
Spicy Red Lentil Soup
Spinach Casserole
Root Vegetable Casserole
Rich Vegetable Hot-Pot
Mung Bean Casserole
Creamy Potato Soup
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Split Pea and Apple Soup
The 5 C's soup
Mediterranean chickpea and green beans
Sweet potato and lentil stew
Sweet potato white bean soup
Tofu bouillabaisse
Split pea and lentil soup
Middle Eastern ratatouille
Cuban black bean soup with cabbage
Black-eyed bean and lemon hotpot
Mediterranean lentil soup with spinach - slow cooker style
Peasant cabbage soup
Country house soup
Chunky Mexican bean stew
Pumpkin, chickpea and fivespice soup with lemon cashew pinenut sour 'creem'
Black-eyed bean stew with spicy pumpkin
White bean and orzo minestrone
Porotos granados (Chilean bean stew)
Peruvian quinoa vegetable soup
Hearty beans and greens stew
Potatoes Gruyere
Lentils with potato and rocket
Quinoa "Mac 'n' Cheese" casserole

The sweet stuff

The pasta and noodles - including 'raw vegan'


The rest


  1. Awesome! I always appreciate new vegan recipes to try out :) Thanks so much for your blog, it's now on my "valuable vegan resources" list. Great reviews on the restaurants too!