Monday, 17 February 2014


Many Perth vegans are reporting seeing more and more vegan products popping up in their local IGA stores. Previously, products that could only be found in health food stores, organics stores or other specialist stores, are now available in various IGAs. With this in mind, my partner and I decided to check out an IGA store near us - Gwelup SUPA IGA - and were pleasantly surprised.

We discovered that they had two long aisles of health food products, which included a lot of vegan suitable items, some which we have not seen elsewhere.
In the frozen and refrigerated section, we were excited to see pies from Loving Hut, Tofutti icecreams and cheeses, and Linda McCartney products. 

In the bread section, we found products by Bodhi's Bakery, which was pleasing, as they do some gluten and vegan loaves and rolls, plus the BEST gluten free and vegan pizza bases. 

There is also a good range of non-dairy milks (including my favourite Australia's Own Organic Rice Milk), and enough agave syrup to last you a year.

There was no sign of any Notzarella so we will be contacting them to suggest they stock it, and encourage everyone to do so as well.. Infact, you can lodge product suggestions via their website.

Gwelup SUPA IGA is situated on the corner of Wishart and North Beach Road in Gwelup.
Their opening hours are am to 9pm Mon-Fri, Sat - 8am-5pm, Sun 11am -5pm.


  1. that's pretty great that you can go to a regular supermarket for vegan stuff. It's really taking off!

  2. It is! So glad to see more and more of these vegan products hitting the mainstream shops.