Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pure 'N' Healthy - RAW juices

Pure 'N' Healthy are a Perth business that produce fruit and vegetable juices. I came across them at the Stirling Farmers Market, recently. (This market, by the way, is on trial at the moment and will be open every Sunday morning 7.30am-11.30am until the end of February. I do hope it will be here to stay, as I thought it had real potential. I shall keep my ears open for any news on that in the near future.) I am not sure which stores stock their products, but their business is located at 313 Stock Road, O'Connor. The manager informed me that although they do not currently have a website, one is in the works. I do look forward to seeing it and perhaps linking to it as well.

Anyway, at the market, I taste tested a few of their various juices and purchased a few.

I do love lime and was hoping they had a drinkable lime mix. They didn't but had straight lime, which although you can't drink as is, you can use in mixed drinks and in cooking. I also purchased the orange juice and my partner opted for the Go Troppo which was a mix of different tropical fruits. I think, because of its purity, he found it a bit strong so he watered it down a little. The green drink you see in the photo above, contains kale. Now, anyone who has been reading this blog, will know all about my love for kale. Here it was in a drink. I HAD to try it. It is a mix of kale, apple, lemon and banana. Yes, the kale in it is a bit chewy, which I don't mind. There is a lovely banana after taste, too. I thought perhaps, it needed a little less lemon, but otherwise, I enjoyed it. be warned, however, this particular drink is high in fibre and will 'clean your pipes' out, if you know what I mean.

These RAW drinks are sold in glass bottles (which I love) and juice is not a concentrate, not pasteurised and does not contain any preservatives. What you see is what you get - a fresh, tasty and very REAL juice. I shall hopefully find the Pure 'N' Healthy stand at the market, tomorrow, so I can try out some of their other juices.


  1. Great to know about this mob! Please do let us know if/when you see their website, as I am keen to find stockists. Still not organised enough to get 'round to buying my own juicer and making my own concoctions!

  2. I will! :) I must admit that I am too damn lazy to make my own juices.

  3. We stock them :) @ Sculpture Personal Training in Padbury WA (

  4. The farmers market 8 - 12 every Sunday on Lefroy Road, South Freo/Beaconsfield sells this yumminess also : )