Thursday, 29 December 2011

Store: Absolutely Organic W.A.

I heard about this store in a roundabout kind of way. When my partner, a friend, and I bought some food donations for Sea Shepherd, one of the drop off points was this store.

Then a bit later, I attended the Stirling Farmers Market where there was a stall by this store. I ended up buying some desserts from them, pictured left. Both were raw, organic and vegan. And delicious! I later tried their raw vegan fudge which was also super yummy.
I then eventually was able to head into the store itself, which is situated on 782 North Beach Rd (cnr Karrinyup Road), Gwellup.
 Now, don't go in there expecting everything to be vegan - it isn't, though I really wish it was! Everything is organic, however, as this is their focus. They sell fresh fruit and vegetables, cleaning products, fairtrade craft and foods, skin and hair care, gardening items, etc. There are gluten free and vegan items on sale, including some hard to find products like canned black beans.

At the front counter there is a selection of desserts and food to go, such as the aforementioned treats. At the back, there are an array of drinks and other refrigerated products.

Their opening hours are a bit limited if you work full time:
Mon-Fri 9-5pm (except Thurs open until 6pm)
Sat - 9-1pm
They are also at the Subiaco Markets every Saturday, at the Subiaco primary School on Bagot Road.
The store does not seem to have a website, but they do have a Facebook page, although it does not appear to get updated very often.

Overall, it is a nice enough store, with enough vegan products in it to have me coming back as an occasional shopper. I do hope they increase their vegan stock, as I know there is a big cross over between the organic and vegan clientele. I would also LOVE to be able to buy some of the wonderful vegan cheesecake creations I have seen on their Facebook page. That would make me a constant shopper in that store, alone!

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