Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sea Shepherd Food Donations - update

Here is an updated flyer for the Sea Shepherd Food Donations drive:
Note the new drop off information.

Yesterday, my partner, a friend and myself managed to get down to a Cash And Carry and bought bulk containers of:  Vegemite, flour, herbs, spices, rice, tinned beans, tinned fruit, tomato sauce, coconut cream and milk, and various other things. We made sure we checked all the ingredients, so that there were vegan. All those numbers can get a bit tricky, but thankfully we had a guide with us that we used to help us sort out what was what.

Yes, that is a photo of me holding a huge tin of pineapple pieces. I'm standing next to the trolley we managed to fill. Buying in bulk is seriously surreal but also a lot cheaper.

We will hopefully be dropping this food off tomorrow.

And for your viewing pleasure, have a looksey into the world of one Sea Shepherd chef:

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