Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Olive The Rabbit Pet Portraits

At the Wet Nose Day event at the Cat Haven, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to  local Perth artist Roseline Lau who was there, selling raffle tickets for one very lucky person to win a free custom portrait of their animal companion/s. I was blown away with the quality of her work, so thought I'd blog about it here. (And besides, someone who donates $, time and effort to an animal shelter deserves support! I do hope she managed to sell lots of tickets and raise some much needed funds for the Cat Haven. I bet she did!)

Check out her website for examples of her work and costings. My fave, without a doubt, is of the cat  Tochi, though the one of Max the dog is also a winner! And special mention goes to the painting of Hamish, the Scottish terrier who is sporting a rather nifty tartan - talk about attention to detail in that piece!

I talked to the artist and found that she works from photos of her subjects but also likes to hear about their personality traits, quirks, activities, etc. This helps her come up with ideas on how to best represent them, that captures their essence. However, if the client has a definite idea on how they want their animal companions represented, that works for her too!

Sadly, I didn't win the raffle but that just means I will have to save my pennies and commission a piece for my two cats. I'll look forward to that!

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