Saturday, 12 November 2011

Event recap: Cruelty Free Festival, Perth 2011

Some time back, I posted about this event. Last weekend, I attended it and had such a great time! There was an amazing turn out and so much to see and do. There were cooking demos, live entertainment, heaps of stalls selling cruelty free products and of course, vegan food stalls. The 'not-dog' stand was a massive hit, with the 'not-dogs' selling out within about 2 hours! The delicious pies also sold out soon after. (I had the corn mornay and it was seriously tasty!)

My partner and I volunteered on the day, which involved handing out flyers to the event at the Subi Farmers Markets down the road, selling raffle tickets, and some general roaming around, relieving people of their duties for a while. We happily had time off to look at stalls, buy lots of things, hang out with friends, and generally have a great time.
To the left is a photo of some of my purchases for the day. I found the ARA stall to be my favourite because they had so many cool items for sale, plus lots more that were free.

I did purchase raffle tickets and drooled over the great prizes that were up for grabs, but sadly it doesn't look like I won anything. Ah well!

I managed to sample the best ever raw vegan pizza I have ever had and splashed out on this cool T-shirt.

It did rain a bit on the day but the event was most certainly not a wash-out. All in all, I just loved the general vibe of the event - being surrounded by so many vegans and vegan-curious people! It made me realize that there is a sizable vegan population in Perth and I am not alone. With so many compassionate people around, lots of happy dogs, and good food..well, it was a very special day and I cannot wait for next year's event!

If you would like to see the photos I took on the day, please go here.

One more photo to leave you with:

These were all the freebies that I got on the day. Vegan chocolate samples were included, but they got eaten before they could be photographed. *grin*

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