Sunday, 27 November 2011

Living Vegan - Magazine Review

There is a new Australian vegan magazine out called  Living vegan and I have to say that I loved the first issue. For once, I read a magazine from cover to cover and actually found the ads just as interesting! I don't think there was one word in this magazine that I did not read. And all the content is relevant to Australians.
In this first issue are interviews with vegans, information of vegan businesses and organizations, a related movie review, an animal rescue story, general articles, product reviews, recipes, and lots of gorgeous photography of animals, food and vegans. By far, my favourite part of this issue is the 'Vegan Cheat Sheet', which is a double sided sheet you photocopy and tuck into your wallet. It lists a whole lot of products from food to cleaning to hygiene products,  that are vegan, including a list of those dreaded 'E numbers'. My partner and i have already been using this list whilst shopping in supermarkets and it has made life a lot easier by reducing the amount of time we have to spend peering at ingredients lists and wonder what was what. Word is that this cheat sheet will be expanded upon in the next issue.

The magazine is a quarterly and if you are a member of ALV, ARA, Uproar or Vegan Society of NSW, you will get it as part of your membership. Otherwise you can subscribe directly via the magazine's webpage.

Whether you are an Australian long term or new vegan, a vegetarian or just mildly curious, I would definitely recommend this magazine! I can't wait for the next issue.

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  1. How'd they take that photo? ;)

    Great blog. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I endeavor to make good choices and a blog like this encourages people to do so.