Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Event recap: Wet Nose Day at the Cat Haven

A little while ago, I posted about this event. Well, it has come and gone for another year, now. The difference this year, however, was that I decided to volunteer. Being someone who has worked in libraries for years, I thought it would make sense to help out with the book stall. This ended up involving a friend, my partner and myself, and  numerous other volunteers having to sort items into genres and boxes, and pricing them.

There were SO MANY books (and dvds, cds, magazines, etc) and there were some really amusing ones in the mix, as you can see from these photos.

On the day, a few more friends stepped up to help with manning the counter, which meant that my partner and I could go off and look around. Unfortunately, we were not able to get down to the Dog's Refuge Home Wet Nose Day event down the road. Still, we placed bids on two items at the silent auction (didn't win), bought raffles rickets (didn't win), and DID win on two bids at the auction! We managed to get the exotic cat bed and the huuuge cat tree. Our cats spoiled? Nahhhh... ;)

My partner baked some vegan and gluten free goodies for the bake stall and was very chuffed to find out all had sold. Yay!

All up, we think the book stall made over $2000 which broke last year's record - what we were aiming for!

Best news of all was that 29 cats and kittens were adopted that day.

All in all a very rewarding experience. I highly recommend volunteering for not-for-profit, charity organizations. I hope to be able to help out at the Wet Nose day again next year.

If you would like to see photos I took during this event, please go here.

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