Saturday, 5 May 2012

Event: Cruelty Free Money Speaking Tour, Perth - 14th May

Where: PAWS, 120 Beaufort Street, Perth
When: 14th May, 6.30pm
Cost: Donations are encouraged. Funds raised will be shared equally between PAWS and Animal Actionist.
What: Cruelty Free Super is Australia's only animal friendly Superfund.
Their mission is to bring animal welfare issues to the areas of retirement planning, savings and investment.
Cruelty Free Super will not invest in companies which are involved in animal testing, intensive farming, polluting, armaments, deforestation, climate change, live exports, tobacco, human rights abuse, gambling or genetic modification.

Cruelty Free Super offers a choice for those with certain beliefs, such as Christians, Muslims, vegetarians and vegans, who might be in a default industry fund that invested in shares that did not match their belief systems. No other super fund exists to truly cater for people who want to avoid investing in companies whose activities exploit animals. Now Australians have a choice, and they can put their money where their principles are.
People are exploited by companies, as is the environment, and Cruelty Free Super will make sure that no investments are made in any company whose activities could be considered cruel or exploitative in three main areas – animals, people and planet.

Lee Coates, OBE owns and runs one of the largest specialist, ethical investment financial planning firms in the UK, as well as a separate ethical research company. Lee has come to Australia for the months of April and May this year to deliver a speaking tour all about money.

To be honest, I had never before thought of what my super may be used for on my behalf. I just always went with the flow, mostly out of ignorance. This talk should be prove to be very informative.

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