Saturday, 15 December 2012

Event: Christmas Day Lunch at PAWS

Great news! PAWS are offering a FREE Christmas lunch for those who choose to have a truly peaceful celebration. 
This event is on Christmas day itself, and runs from 11am to 2pm.

As the kind people at PAWS put it: 

Christmas is a time for Peace on Earth, a time for Christians to reflect on a message of kindness and compassion so hear at PAWS we would like to demonstrate just how easy it is to leave animals off our plate.
Enjoy a nut Roast covered in Vegan gravy with all those steamed veggies a nice cup of punch followed by a xmas trifle, there will be games all in an air-conditioned environment and just a great place to meet people.

I'll be there with my partner and hope you will join us!
If you are in Facebook, you can rsvp to the event's page there.

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