Saturday, 22 December 2012

Recipe: Watermelon and tomato salad

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this recipe from “Big Vegan” by Robin Asbell. I looked at the ingredients and thought “How is this going to work??” but oddly enough….it does! Give it a try!

What you will need:
4 cups cubed seedless watermelon
1 large tomato (use yellow variety if you can find, otherwise a regular red one will do)
½ cup fresh basil
3 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp agave syrup (you can get this at health food or organics stores)
1 pinch of salt
Black pepper (optional)

Put the watermelon in a large bowl.
Slice the tomato into thin wedges and add to watermelon.
Slice the basil into thin strips and add to bowl.
In a small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, syrup and salt. Pour onto watermelon and tomato. Serve topped with black pepper.

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  1. Watermelon tomato salad is one of my summer favorites. Very refreshing. I usually add a little fresh mint. Yummy!