Monday, 4 November 2013

Living Vegan magazine : Issue 05, 2013

It is back! After a long hiatus, this Australian vegan magazine is finally back! Inside, there is an apology for its lateness and a statement that one more issue will be coming out for 2013 and then back to 4 issues a year for 2014. 
So what is in this latest issue? Lets's see...the cover is related to the main article of this issue - the misleading 'free range' label and RSPCA approved pig farms and what a fraud they really are. Enough in there to open eyes and propel us to action. 

Then on the flipside is a piece about Australia's first ever vegan bnb BedandBroccoli, which we had the pleasure of staying at for a few days recently. (Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.)

The Vegan Cheatsheet is back and even bigger than before. Listed are food products and other items that are vegan suitable and where you can buy them, including mainstream shops and supermarkets. This cheatsheet is very useful to have on hand when grocery shopping because it helps cut back on time spent studying ingredients lists and directs you to products that you may have reject offhand in the past, as not being vegan. 

There are interviews with vegan cyclist Robin Tullett and Lee Coates from Cruelty Free Super, plus lots more, including a recipe section.

To get a copy, or a subscription, visit the Living Vegan Magazine website.

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