Monday, 4 November 2013

Melbourne: Lord of the Fries

Vegan fast food at its best! Lord of the Fries (gotta love that name) is a vegetarian fast food outlet that has lots of vegan options. There are several in the Melbourne CBD and a few in the suburbs. There is even one in Sydney now and we hope the franchise makes its way over to Perth! There is certainly a market for it here.
They offer chips, burgers, hot dogs, onion rings, nuggets, chilli poppers and all sorts of sauces. Most of these are straight out vegan or come with vegan options.
You can choose between wholemeal or white buns and I believe there are also gluten free options available.
No palm oil is used and the oil they use is then reused as biodiesel for their delivery vans.
The company is Australian owned and has won numerous awards over the years. 
Is it any wonder that the first thing my partner and I did on arriving in the Melbourne CBD, was to make a beeline for LOTF?

I opted for the Fries with French Canadian Sauce, which was shredded vegan cheese and hot gravy.

I felt kinda naughty eating it but ...yum! My partner had the Fries with the Mexican sauce which was salsa and vegan sour cream.

Before we left Melbourne, we made sure to go back and try out some more of their food. I'm not a big fan of hot dogs or burgers but looove chips, so this time I went for the Fries with the London sauce, as did my partner. I had actually finished mine before I remembered to take a photo of them and my partner was half way through his, hence the less than great photo of them, but trust me, they were seriously tasty!  The London sauce is a vegan mayo special sauce. It had a tang to it, but not too strong. Thumbs up from the both of us.

And finally, my partner indulged in some onion rings. I am not a fan of onions, so I passed but he assured me they are great. (Again, he was so keen to eat them, that a few disappeared before I managed to take a photo!)

So, if you find yourself in Melbourne (or Sydney), indulge in some vegan fast food. The staff were friendly, efficient and certainly knew what was vegan friendly and what wasn't, so there were no 'nasty surprises'. Also, I must make a note of the saltiness. None of the items we tried were overly salty, like you would normally find at 'regular' fast food outlets. LOTF definitely rely on their sauces for the flavour boost rather than drowning everything in salt.


  1. I'm a big LOTF fan, more so the burgers :)

  2. Oooo wowee! I hope they come to perth! sounds soooo yummy :D