Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Juice Beetroot Cafe

A coworker told me about this cafe, telling me how good it was. She warned me that if I went, I should go by noonish, as it is quite popular and by the afternoon, there is not much food left.

 It took me a while to find the time to get down to Fremantle on a weekday ( and it had to be a weekday, as they are only open Monday to Fridays - 10am to 4pm), to check it out.

It is easy to miss, as it is situated in a lane way, called Tum Tum Tree Lane, off High Street. The sandwich board sign by the road helped us to spot it, though. Was pleased to see it mention so many appealing things on it.  We quickly scooted in to see what was on offer for lunch. There was already a queue but that was okay, as it allowed us the eyeball the many types of salads at the counter, plus check out what hot foods were available.

Both my partner and I opted for a large bowl each of various salads. Let me just say that we were rather taken aback by the size of these bowls. They honestly did not look that large until they were filled - and they were filled to brimming fullness!

On offer were a noddle based salad, roast veggie salad, chickpea salad, pasta salad, rice salad, and so very much more. (There was a vegetable lasagna but this was vegetarian and not vegan.)

There were curries and tofu burgers on offer but the salads just took too damn fresh and good to pass up so we had as little bit of almost all of them between the two of us.

They were delicious! I had so much in my bowl that I only managed to eat half of it and the rest I had put into a container and took home for later.

It is a pity this cafe isn't open on weekends, but if you find yourself in Fremantle on a weekday, I recommend you pay them a visit. Just make sure you get in early!


  1. It's nice when you are able to find a gem of a place to eat.

  2. Thanks X, I heard about this place yesterday at the library from a non vegan person! will have to try it out :)