Sunday, 21 August 2011

Events update, recap, whatever you may call it!

I recently went to a fundraiser for BAWA and I am happy to report that the event helped to raise $2375! One of the organizers writes: "A fantastic result. This donation will ensure a brighter future for many homeless animals, ensuring a life free from suffering as a result of poor community awareness of animal welfare, nutritional hardship and lack of medical care." Fantastic!

Last Sunday, I attended and volunteered at the Ban Live Export Rally in Perth. The turn out was massive - most likely over 1000 people of all ages. I and my partner were working behind the merchandise stand, where we were kept very busy for hours - we almost sold out of everything - but I was able to dash out now and then, to take some photos which can be viewed here. People were very generous with their donations to the Stop Live Exports group to continue with their campaign and we had people queued up to send emails to their MPs and to sign petitions. There was a Wish Garden for the kids, colouring in sheets and placards suitable for them to hold. The band Dilip and the Davs played for free and added an upbeat party atmosphere to the proceedings. Speeches were made by various Greens representatives, and the national president of the RSPCA, Lynne Bradshaw.

After the event, I went home, exhausted but also pumped from the good vibes of the rally, which was peaceful. I urge everyone who is against animal cruelty, to join in on the campaign to end this cruel trade. Although the two Bills introduced into Parliament were not passed, this is not the end of the fight.
Please sign online petitions and when there is another rally, please consider coming along. This issue is not about vegan/vegetarians vs meat eaters. It is about animal cruelty, and there were many at the rally who were of the latter group. We were (and are) united in our disgust at the suffering and cruelty these animals have to endure during their long and arduous voyages and the cruel, substandard slaughterhouse practices they face once on foreign shores.

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