Saturday, 13 August 2011

Get Vegucated!

What do you get when you take three meat loving New Yorkers, put them on a vegan diet for six weeks and film it? Answer: a documentary called Vegucated. Now, the last thing you might be expecting is humor but the reviews of this feature length documentary keep on mentioning how funny this film is, at times. Yes, there is pathos and plenty to think about but this film promises to entertain whilst it educates.
Check out the trailer:

Also, check out the film's website for more information. At the moment, the makers are looking for financial backers in order to get the film released in theatres and on DVD. They are doing this via Kickstarter web page so check it out. So far, Vegucated has  almost 400 backers who have pledged over US$31,000. After watching the trailer, reading the synopsis of the film, and generally checking out both the Kickstarter web page and the film project's general page, I felt moved to put my money where my mouth is and can now proudly state that I am a Backer of this film! If you would also like to be a backer, you have 5 days left to make your pledge, so get in there and do it NOW!. Amongst the pledge packages, are signed copies of the DVD when it comes out in September, your name in the credits, a fashion T-shirt, house party screenings, and much much more! I am really looking forward to getting my copy when it comes out and you can bet I will be having screening nights for friends and will do a full review of it here on this blog.

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