Thursday, 4 August 2011

Keep Talking Fundraiser for Animals Australia

A little while ago, I posted about this event, which was to help raise funds for Animals Australia.
The event was greatly enjoyable, with live entertainment, silent auction, raffle prizes, awesome vegan and vegetarian food,
informative and moving speeches, and best of all - fantastic company. I do believe that around 80 were in attendance. There was a table of free literature on veganism, vegetarianism, and animal welfare, plus the group Stop Live Exports were selling T-shirts.
I SO wanted to win some of the books that were raffle prizes, but it was not meant to be, alas!
Best of all, the event was a real moral booster. It felt good to be surrounded by like-minded people who were being active in helping to fight animal cruelty.


  1. I was there too and selling the T shirts with Lauren. Great to have a fundraiser too, that serves only vegetarian meals (vegan would have been better). I went to an Animal Aid Abroad fundraiser lunch last year... this is a group trying to raise money to save animals overseas from abusive lives and cruelty. On the menu was dead cattle, dead chickens, dead fish and a vegetarian option.

    I was asked to attend again this year, and I said I couldn't support an organisation that raises money to save some species of animals by serving pieces of the bodies of other species for lunch.

    They have compromised, by offering a chicken dish, a fish dish and vegetarian so no "red meat" (like chickens and fish don't have rights, only sheep, cattle, goats, deer etc).

    Anyhooo... they said they would look at a vegetarian function next year (with vegan options I hope), so I think they are at least trying.

    But well done Christine - great fundraiser. And I won a bottle of Moet in the raffle (already had the books) and had the winning bid on dinner at Parliament House with Lisa baker MLA.

  2. Well done Katrina!
    And glad you pointed that out to AAA. Funny how so many people can be concerned about the well being of animals and yet live such a paradox when it comes to their diet, and never make the connection.