Thursday, 12 January 2012

Notzarella - THE vegan cheese for melting

I heard of Notzarella a while ago but only just recently purchased some to try out. Infact a group of vegan friends and I all chipped in together and ordered a whole heap to save on shipping. Then we organized a little gathering whereby we all brought along ingredients to make vegan pizzas. More about that later. First, more about this product.

Vegan cheeses are very hit and miss. Some taste better than others, some have a better texture, and very few of them actually melt all that well. Enter Notzarella! This stuff not only melts but also tastes good too! It is lactose free and dairy free, and is made mostly from organic ingredients such as soybeans and coconut oil.

At the moment, Perth folks can purchase this product online. The makers are working on getting nationwide distribution so fingers crossed a store like PAWS here in Perth will pick it up!  In the meantime, see the Notzarella website for details. There is also a Facebook page to check out. UPDATE: Notzarella is now available to purchase in Perth at PAWS and at Loving Hut! It has also been spotted for sale at Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe in Milledon.

Now, back to my hungry vegan friends....we gathered together various ingredients - roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, spinach, jalapenos, mock meats, baby tomatoes, potatoes, various herbs - you name it! Each pizza and mini pizza was a work of art and had grated Notzarella on it. Each creation was savored and it was such a treat to eat a pizza with melty cheese that was delicious and cruelty free!
Next to try out is Notzarella on nachos and lasagna!


  1. Ohhh YUM! I need to get onto ordering some of this and yes, here's hoping PAWS pick it up! :-)

  2. Hey, I just picked some up at Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe, so it's sold there as well (though not listed as stockist on the web site). I seem to remember it was reasonably priced. Just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone was in the area.

  3. I wasn't aware if that. Great! Thanks for letting me know. I will edit the blog post to add this. :)