Saturday, 18 February 2012

Animal Actionist - Perth animal rescue

Animal Actionist is run by a lovely Perth vegan who helps to rehome and foster animals ranging from cats and dogs, to goats and sheep - and beyond. Animal Actionist also helps to get the word out about locally lost and found animals.

AA's mission statement:
To help spread the word for animals needing rescue via temporary or permanent placement into new homes. 

To support West Australian rescue groups in their advertising efforts to bring awareness to the general community about the plight of surrendered/abused/exploited animals. 

To raise community awareness about the connection between lifestyle choices and the direct detrimental impact these choices have on the quality of life for animals. 

To educate that consumer choices have the power to change industry and thus encourage a more compassionate interaction with animals, and to embrace green living and healthful lifestyle choices.
Compassion and harmony, it's a lovely concept.
You can check out AA's Facebook page here. AA is also on Twitter.
The blog is here, where you will find information on adopting and fostering animals in need, 'happy ending' stories, lost and found alerts, plus information on vegan products and vegan recipes.
You can even subscribe to Animal Action Email Alerts.

Recently, I was able to visit 'Animal Actionist Central' and meet some of the animals rescued, adopted, or fostered by AA. I enjoyed interacting with the sheep, chickens, ducks, miniature horses, etc, but I have to say my favourites were the two goats - Thurman and Rupert. These two were an absolute delight, making me laugh with their antics and friendly personalities.

For photos of the wonderful creatures taken in by Animal Actionist, please visit my Flickr account.

Please check out this worthy, local non-profit organization and share, share, share!

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  1. Oh thank you SO MUCH for this!! It was so great to have you guys visit us... and the critters loved meeting you. We all send you our love and appreciation... with a special lick from little Chico. <3