Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cafe: Daily Planet, Mt Lawley

My partner and I heard that this newly opened cafe on Beaufort Street, did an all day vegan breakfast, so we decided to head down on the weekend and check it out.

We first popped into Planet Books where I purchased two vegan cookbooks (they usually have a good little selection of vegan cookbooks - some pricey, others reasonable) and then headed into Daily Planet next door.

I didn't realize that I was entering into a local controversial hotspot, which was just s well, as it left me unbiased and open to just experience the cafe and what it had to offer, via a 'clean slate' approach.

We waited a minute and then were seated and given menus. We noticed that not only was the full breakfast marked as 'vegan option available', so were the Ranchero Beans, so my partner ordered those. A minute later, the waiter came  back and told us that it was an error and that the beans contained bacon. Urgh. So, two full vegan breakfasts for us, then.

When the food came, I noted that it was nicely presented. (Forgot to take a photo of it for this review though. Doh!) The asparagus was cooked just right, as was the tomato and mushroom. I passed the toast to my partner as I was pretty sure it wasn't gluten free. The spinach, unfortunately, was very oily and the scrambled tofu was pretty lack luster. Infact, it looked like no effort was put into it - it was merely scrambled. No herbs and no turmeric to give it a nice colour.

The full vegan breakfast cost us $22 each which felt overpriced considering the amount that was on our plates.

The service was fine and I did note that they offered a few vegan desserts behind the counter. Decor was okay except for the cow's skull on the wall, in the corner. Thankfully, we could not see it from where we were sitting and eating. We noticed it as we were paying and leaving. I do wish they would remove it. It is in poor taste and does not fit in with the general look of the place.

It wasn't until later that I read reviews online, about this cafe. Seems that people were quite worked up over the service (or lack of it), rudeness of the staff, orders being messed up, and long waits. I am assuming that could be put down to teething problems, as we saw none of that whilst we were there.

I do hope their 'vegan options' are expanded on and unless prices are reviewed, I doubt I would go there again regularly or semi-regularly for a meal.

Daily Planet
634 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
9328 7560

Open 7days a week. Check with cafe for the opening times.


  1. Hmmmm, what a pity. I hope they improve. Shopping for books always makes me hungry!

  2. It is much better now,I can assure you! New chefs, new menu!

  3. Hmmm....I will have to revist it, then. Ta.