Saturday, 18 February 2012

Product: LifeStyle Bakery - Gluten Free

I have not much of a bread eater. I guess, being gluten intolerant, I weaned myself off bread a long time ago. I tried various gluten free breads and found them too 'cakey' in their texture, or they just didn't really taste all that great. After going vegan, I found it even harder to find suitable bread.
Just recently, however, I came across an award winning, Australian company that does great tasting gluten free, vegan breads, rolls and related products.

LifeStyle Bakery produce a range of breads, sweet breads (fruit and nut mixes), hot cross buns, rolls and breadcrumbs - all vegan!
So far, I have tried their GF Chia Seed  loaf and GF Multigrain loaf. Both tasty, with a good texture and taste great toasted or as is.
I get my loaves from Woolworths but some IGA stores also stock this brand. I would love to see more of  range, especially at Woolworths, where there have only been a few loaf varieties. (I am keen to try the GF fruit loaf!)
Check out Lifestyle Bakery's website for information on the full range. You are able to search for products under 'Dietary Needs' - just pick 'Vegan'.

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