Saturday, 17 March 2012

Event recap: An evening with Lyn White

A few months ago, I posted about this event. Well, not only was I able to attend, but I was also fortunate enough to volunteer for the night and meet Lyn White.

With the event being sold out, we expected to be kept busy...and we were! As volunteers, we had to show up several hours early and help with some of the set up. The staff from Animals Australia were warm and friendly and made sure that once Lyn had begun to speak, we would all have the chance to be present for it.
Some of us worked as ushers for attendees, helping check tickets and name lists. I volunteered to work behind the merchandise stall, where we sold some fabulous Animals Australia T-shirts. We were inundated with people joining AA, buying t-shirts and also donating funds.
Before attendees arrived, volunteers were able to meet with Lyn White. What an exciting moment that was! I think we were all rather star struck. Here was the woman who helped to expose the Australian live export trade for what it was - cruel, barbaric and archaic. Here was the woman , who first hand, bared witness to so many atrocities in her fight to expose animal cruelty. She shook my hand, looked at my name tag and we both  had a bit of a laugh at the 'strangeness' of my name. She was warm and personable, and I felt very privileged to have been   able to meet her.

When it was time, myself and the other volunteers were able to sneak into the back of the hall and wait for the event to begin.
Unsurprisingly, when Lyn White appeared on stage, she received a standing ovation.
She spoke with eloquence and intelligence, and covered so many topics - from live animal exports to factory farming, to environmentalism. Myself and my friends and fellow volunteers were en-rapt. I am not ashamed to say that I was deeply moved and inspired.

With Lyn's speech were some visuals - both photographic and video. Evocative but not too startling and harsh. When presenting people with harsh truths and realities, you always walk a fine line with how much and what needs to be shown to get your point across. I felt the visuals provided during this presentation were just right.

At the end of the speech, Lyn received another standing ovation and I felt very proud and happy to be there.

After the speeches, Lyn mingled with attendees who were treated to drinks and vegan canapes which I must say, were delicious. Never before have I had vegan caviar! I managed to mingle amongst the crowd and to my delight, saw many familiar faces.

All in all, the event was such an uplifting experience that I will remember for a long time. One thing nagged at me afterwards, however. I went home wish so much that I could share what a Lyn shared with us that night. I knew I could paraphrase some of it, but really could not do it justice. I could not express myself the way she had. I wish I could have had my friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances  there with me, to hear, listen and think on what Lyn had to say. A few days later, I was pleased to find out, via Facebook, that I could share the experience in a way via "A Virtual Evening with Lyn White". 

 From Animals Australia, about this virtual event:
Following a sell-out national speaking tour, Lyn will share her inspirational journey into animal protection and vision for a kinder world with all in a free virtual event. Join us for the launch at 6PM EST March 19th at - or visit any time after the 19th to watch the full event online.

“What if the purpose of each new generation is to question... To identify where there are injustices and to right them. We would inevitably leave this world a kinder place for those who followed us.”

-- Lyn White, Animals Australia Campaign Director & Investigator

So, if you missed out on attending (the Perth event was sold out) please check out the virtual event and hear what Lyn had to say.

[Photo credits: Top photo used with kind permission by Katrina Love. Following photo by Alex Cearns from Houndstooth Studio.)

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