Sunday, 4 March 2012

Live Animal Export Protest - Fremantle docks, 4th March 2012

I woke up to some exciting news this morning - members of Forest Rescue were able to board the Ocean Shearer, which is the world's largest live animal export ship. This abomination can carry up to 125,000 sheep or 23,000 cattle and it was docked at the Western Australian port of Fremantle. One member chained herself to the ship and refused to leave.

Protesters flocked to the docks to show their support for this protest. It was all very last minute and sudden, so social media was the main way we came together. Our numbers were small but that was not surprising considering the suddenness and the fact that it is a long weekend here.

Media attended and banners were displayed. We stood and watched the ship on the other side of the water and then suddenly noticed a lone sheep that had gotten away. He was running for his life. We were shocked and appalled when we saw a worker throwing himself at the sheep, in what could only be described as a rugby tackle. It was cruel and disgusting. Add to this, the awful stench coming from the ship and the heat of 35 degrees Celsius. It all must be a terrifying, hellish experience for the animals.

Whilst on the dock, we had the opportunity to chat to passers by who were curious as to what was going on. Some even joined us in the protest, holding banners, posing for photos and offering encouragement. We also had Lynn Maclaren MLC attending, which was great.

It is important that the pressure is kept up, so that is why I dropped everything and rushed to the docks to participate. Please consider join the fight to end this barbaric 'trade' once and for all in Australia. Stay informed by checking out Stop Live Exports for local news and events, and Animals Australia for a national perspective.

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  1. Wow - I admire your dedication. It really is a terrible thing live export.