Sunday, 11 March 2012

Manna Wholefoods and Cafe - South Fremantle

I had been meaning to check out this store/cafe for a while now, but living on the other side of the city meant I had to make a special trip down. I am glad I did and I have now been back again and looking forward to my next visit.

The cafe offers all sorts of yummy things - desserts, drinks, salads, patties, wraps, bakes, raw foods, etc. Not all is vegan but they label everything clearly so you can make an informed decision on what to order. Both times my partner and I visited, the cafe was very, very busy. The service, however, was quick and efficient. On my first trip I opted for a vegan bake which was a mixture of pumpkin, seeds, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and more. Tasty, filling and the serve was generous.
My partner chose the tempeh wrap and a tofu patty. Not being a fan of tempeh, I just tried his tofu patty and was seriously jealous! 

On my second visit for lunch, I opted for a slice of gluten free vegan pizza and a quinoa salad. Again, the portions were generous and the food delicious.

After stuffing ourselves, it was time to check out the store section. I was naturally drawn towards the books on sale. I liked the way in which they were categorized and instantly started pursuing the raw food and the vegan sections. I saw a fair amount of titles there that I had not seen elsewhere.
After the books, we explored the other shelves. Again, I must stress that Manna is not an exclusively vegan store, so shop with some caution. There was plenty of brands and products I recognized from shopping elsewhere, but also came across many others that were new to me. Their shelves were stocked well with products ranging from bulk food ingredients, confectionery, toiletries, cleaning products, etc. There is a meat freezer chest to one side of the store, which I found to be rather sad and distasteful. It just doesn't fit in with the look and feel of the store and I really wish they got rid of it.
Apart from that, I do recommend checking out this store and cafe, even if it means a fair trip to get to it.

Check out their website for their address and opening times.

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