Monday, 19 March 2012

Product: Gopal's Power Wraps

When I go to PAWS, I like to have a good look on their shelves and try something new. These 'power wraps' were tucked away against a wall. I had a look at the different varieties, peered at the ingredients and thought "Why not? Let's give one of these a go." I opted for the 'Italian' one but it was a close call between that and the 'Japanese' one.

In the pack, you get two wraps. I was going to eat just one and give the other to my partner to try. I had good intentions, but it tasted so good that before I knew what I was doing, I was munching on the second one. Seriously yummy! Full of flavour. I had another look at the ingredients. It tasted so 'cheesy' that I was worried that somehow, there WAS some of that dreaded stuff in there.

Nope! None in there! Not only is this savoury snack delish, but it is also gluten free, vegan, organic, and raw. In fact, this company, Gopal's, soaks and germinates most of its own seeds and nuts.

To top all of this off, this company's manufacturing plant  is situated on 100 acres of pastureland in Texas, the American state renown for its exploitation and abuse of cows and other animals considered to be 'food' or 'entertainment' (rodeos, or public lynchings as they should be called). This 100 acres is home to several cows that the company is protecting and their name 'Gopal' even means 'friend of the cows' in modern Anglicized Sanskrit.

I will definitely head back to PAWS for some more of these!


  1. D'oh! Why didn't I know about these??? Whereabouts are they?

  2. Available in Paws and also Alive Organics in Morley, I am told.