Saturday, 2 June 2012

Store: Kakulas Brothers and Sisters

I would hazard a guess that most Perth people have heard of Kakulas. Their business has been around since 1929. Coming from a Greek background, my family often shopped in their stores for import items and bulk supplies. I recently visited a Kakulas Sister store which happened to be 10 minutes away from where I lived, after a tip off from a co-worker. (Hi Leanne!)

From a vegan point of you, the store was a mixed bag. Yes, there were decidedly un-vegan friendly products on their shelves, but there was also a lot there we can fill our pantries with. Plus, because they buy and sell in bulk, the prices are often a lot better than other places. I was  especially impressed with their range of flours, beans, nuts, spices and they even had a gluten free section. There were also olives, dried fruits, pastas and grains of all kinds. If you are looking for a hard to find ingredient, you stand a good chance of finding it at a Kakulas store. For example, I found nigella seeds which I have never seen anywhere else before.

Kakulas Brothers stores can be found in the city at 183 William St, Northbridge. Fremantle has a Kakulas Sister store at 29/31 Market Street. The Kakulas Sister store I visited is located at 90 Hillsborough Dr., Nollamara. 

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