Friday, 29 June 2012

Product: Crimpers by Orgran

Orgran have done it again - a new product that is both gluten free and vegan!

Crimpers are a baked snack food that come in two flavours: salt and vingear, and sea salt.
I spotted this product in a health food store. I was rather pleased to see 'YES it is vegan!' written on the outside of the box. Nice, clear information on the packaging is such a help! I have found so many vegan products either don't mention they are vegan or state they are vegetarian, when they are actually vegan.

I tried the salt and vinegar variety first. Very crunchy, with a powerful vinegar flavour - just how I like it! So many salt and vinegar chips contain dairy, that I had to forgo them once going vegan. These Crimpers come close to filling that little gap.

I next tried the sea salt variety. They were quite salty, so I wasn't tempted to eat the whole packet in one sitting - just as well!

You can buy these snacks in boxes of 10  - each packet is 20grams, which is perfect size for a snack.


  1. I've tried a few of Orgran's products in the past and have loved them! I've tried their falafel mix (which I love) and just recently tried their crispbread with quinoa. Thanks for the heads up on their new product, I'll definitely have to look for these!

  2. Yay for Ogran! I'll have to check these babies out, thanks for the tip. I love their corn crispibread, in fact I am addicted to it.

    I'm sure I have mentioned the Ajitas to you before. They are not marked as vegan specifically but from the ingredients they seem to be.

    WTF with salt & vinegar chips containing dairy - so unnecessary!