Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Quinoa on the go!

Last weekend, my partner and I stumbled across a new vegan, gluten free item - quick to cook quinoa meals. They are by an Australian company called Celebrate Health, and although they do have a website,  it seems to be under construction at the moment.

We found three varieties in the health food section of Coles supermarket - Moroccan, Thyme and Lemon, and Tomato and Basil. 

We decided to give the Tomato and Basil a go first.
The preparation is simple and takes  about 20 minutes. With the quinoa grains, are a mixture of herbs and spices that make the meal absolutely delicious. Very flavoursome and the aroma was divine!

Although the packet says 'serves two', we found that it was really only enough for one. However, there was a recipe idea on the packet, and if followed, could easily feed two people. (The recipe basically involved the inclusion of zucchini, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, capsicum and fetta cheese. I might try that out next time - excluding the fetta cheese of course!)

We look forward to trying out the Lemon and Thyme variety next.


  1. I made quinoa for the first time yesterday! I cooked some quinoa in veggie stock and added fried onions, mushrooms, garlic, little pieces of vegan salami and herbs. Loved it! :) (and ready in 30 minutes :)

    1. Sounds yummy! I love the texture and lightness of quinoa. I will definitely be trying out more recipes with it.