Monday, 2 July 2012

Eden's Vegi Cafe - Subiaco

My partner and I were meandering through Subiaco a few days ago, when we stumbled across this cafe. We had never noticed it before and as we were in the mood for some lunch and the sign had 'Vegi' in it, we thought we would enter and investigate.

The cafe is mostly a salad bar, where you can choose to dine in or takeaway, and choose the amount of salad you want and what exactly goes into it.  We grabbed a large bowl each and proceeded to fill it up with various ingredients - all which looked fresh. Not all the ingredients were vegan - there was some dairy based sauces and cheeses available. I got the impression that the cafe was at the very least, vegetarian but to my dismay, at the end of the salad bar, I came across some cold deli meats. What a surprise and shame.

 Still, we continued on and also ordered some patties, all which were vegan. I had the Lentil & Vegi patty which turned out to be tasty and rather spicy. The sides to it were so fresh looking that I made sure those went down the hatch too!

As we ate, we studied the menu and were pleased to see it was clearly marked as to what was Vegan and what had a Vegan Option. Also, for those with allergies or intolerances, Gluten Free was another label used on the menu.

Along with the salad bar and a la carte items, there were also a range of drinks on offer, including organic teas and coffees, soy smoothies and juices.

We shall definitely be returning to this cafe.

Address: 151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Open: 8am - 3pm Mon-Fri

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  1. I agree, their food is great and healthy, makes me keep my diet program.