Monday, 9 September 2013

Bodhis Wheat Free Pizza Bases

I discovered these gluten free pizza bases at the Coles Gluten Free Expo this year and gave them a go, after confirming that they were also vegan.
In the past, I had trouble finding a gluten free base that didn't also have 'milk solids' listed in its ingredients.
The only ones I could find were the Simply Wize ones, which although are good, are rather small in size.
The Bodhis ones are larger, have nicer texture and flavour to them. Hands down the best gluten free vegan pizza bases I have tasted so far.
Good news is, they are not only available in some health food shops, but also in Coles supermarkets, in the bread section. Their shelf life isn't all that long, so make sure that when you buy them, you plan to use them soon.
A pack, which contains 2 bases, costs around $5-6.

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