Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sanitarium Vegie Delights Chilli Non Carne and Chickpea Masala Curry

Naturally, home made curry and chilli tastes the best, but for those days when you come home from work and are too tired to cook, I have found steaming some rice and adding a can of one of these, does the trick. Best if you heat before you add but I have been known to eat them unheated and they taste fine.

Both are vegan and gluten free, and are available from the health foods section of Woolworths supermarkets. My partner likes the Chilli one but I find it a bit too hot and spicy, so I prefer the Curry, which although is spicy, isn't overly strong.

Like I said, it is good of steamed rice, but I have know to throw it on some soft rice noodles. On toast is another good option.


  1. Thanks for pointing these out as I haven't noticed them before. They sound like they would be great to take for easy camping meals. I'll keep them in mind for my next trip!

  2. I tried the chickpea Marsala last night and it had a quite a noticable "tinned" sour/bitter taste which has put me off it ( I was so excited to find this in the shops too)- is this normal? I'm hoping maybe it was just this tin...

  3. Hi Kate! That's odd. Did you heat yours up? I have had them several times now and they have never tasted 'tinny' to me. Hopefully it was an anomaly.