Tuesday, 10 September 2013

gopicnic Ready-to-eat-meals

These are little boxes of vegan and gluten free yum that my partner and I like to take with us when we are out walking for the day, in a park, the bush, whatever, and don't feel like having to pack a picnic's worth of food AND carry it with us as we walk. With this box of treats, we can just stop every now and then and have a 'course'. Best of all, nothing needs to be refrigerated.

There are usually 5 items in each pack, basically consisting of a type of cracker, dip, trail mix, fruity snack and dessert. One pack per person is the way to go but we share, as these little beauties are a bit pricey.

According to their website, there are several vegan varieties to choose from, however, we have only seen and tried 3 of them: the Sunbutter and crackers, the Hummus and crackers, and the Black bean dip and plantain chips.

The only place we have seen these being sold is the Victoria Park Loving Hut cafe. If you spot these anywhere else in Perth, please let me know!


  1. Those packets look awesome and delicious! Thanks for sharing.
    I haven't been to The Loving Hut for ages, I'll have to make a special trip there. :)

  2. These are amazing! Unfortunately they haven't had them in stock for awhile but I live in hope ;)