Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Body Shop Revisited, Part 2!

After a comment posted on this blog, about Body Shop being bought by L'Oreal, I had to do some digging around and to my great dismay, have found a very good reason NOT to shop at The Body Shop.
You see, in 2006, Anita Rodderick sold her company to L'Oreal for a hefty amount. Although Body Shop state that their products are not tested on animals and this is true, their parent company (now L'Oreal) does. L'Oreal stated that they are aiming to eliminate animal testing by 2013 -that is two more years of animal cruelty and if you consider that they bought Body Shop in 2006, that will be 7 years of animal cruelty, in total.

You might ask "But if the Body Shop products are not tested on animals, why should I care if their parent  company does? The answer is below, which I have directly lifted from the website Uncaged because they explained it so succinctly:


The most important factor that affects whether a product is ‘cruelty-free’ is the animal testing policy of the manufacturing company. You have to ‘follow the money’.

Even if a particular product and its ingredients are not tested on animals, if the company that makes it performs animal tests in other areas, then purchasing any of their products promotes and supports cruelty to animals.

This also includes parent companies of subsidiaries. For example, purchases from The Body Shop will now line the pockets of animal testing cosmetics company L’Oreal. That’s why you should now boycott The Body Shop/L’Oreal.


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