Friday, 15 July 2011

Tofutti : dairy free icecreams and cheese products

Without a doubt, American company Tofutti produce THE best non-dairy icecream I have ever tasted.
Their "Marry Me" bars are my absolute faves. Such a creamy vanilla icecream, with crisp chocolate coating. I can demolish one way too quickly!

Then there are the "Cuties". These are vanilla dairy free versions of the 'icecream sandwich". So creamy! There is a good range of flavours of this product but I have only been able to find the vanilla one so far.

There are also dairy free icecream tubs available in various flavours, though again, I have only been able to find a few of varieties.

As for their dairy-free cheese products, I have tried plain "Better than cream cheese" which is a smooth , and nice tasting alternative to the dairy variety. The flavour is subtler and the consistency allows you to use it as a dip.  There are a few varieties of it, available, but I prefer the plain one.

The "Sour Supreme" is a dairy free sour cream, which I enjoy having with vegan nachos. The flavour is less sour than the dairy variety, which I prefer.

There are many more products made by this company , but being imported from the USA, their availability here seems to be somewhat limited. So far, I have been able to find these products in various IGA storesWoolworths, PAWS and Fresh Stop Market (Shop 1 Dog Swamp Shopping Centre, Joondanna).

Their website: Tofutti

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