Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shop: Body Shop Australia Revisited

Recently, I posted about the Body Shop. I emailed them, asking them which products were suitable for vegans. I got a quick and comprehensive reply. I was supplied with a list of their products with the vegan ones marked. I am happy to note that a very large proportion of their products are suitable of vegans.

The animal derivative ingredients they use in their products are:
· Beeswax (may also be listed as Cera Alba)

· Honey (may also be listed as Mel)

· Silk* (hydrolysed Silk)

· Whey Protein (may also be listed as Lactis protein)

· Lanolin derivatives (acetylated lanolin, acetylated lanolin alcohol, hydroxylated lanolin, isopropyl lanolate, lanolin, lanolin alcohol, lanolin cera, lanolin oil, PEG-75 lanolin, PPG-12-PEG-50 lanolin, PPG-30 lanolin ether)

· Shellac** (in our define & lengthen mascara only)

· Cholesterol derivatives (C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters, cholesterol, cholesteryl chloride, cholesteryl nonanoate, cholesteryl oleyl carbonate)
* The grade of silk used by The Body Shop is not produced through killing the silk worm to obtain the material. The grade used for Body Shop cosmetics does not require the silk threads to be intact and so the worm can leave the cocoon before it is used.

** The lac beetle lays resin down as part of their natural lifecycle. The resin is harvested from mature branches and this is then processed to make shellac wax. During the process, some of the lac beetles die as part of their natural lifecycle. The lac beetle is not killed purely to obtain shellac wax, however a number of lac beetles die as part of their natural lifecycle during the process.

The Glycerin used their products is vegetable based, not animal derived. The Body Shop does not use any ingredients that are by products of the meat industry.

So now you and I know and can be informed consumers...or non-consumers.


  1. Body shop is owned by Loreal, it's a buy it if you want to be seen as doing good not a company that does good.

    The Body Shop, trailblazer of ethical issues on the high street, will see its ethical rating fall from 11 out of 20 to 2.5 on Ethical Consumer's unique rating system "ethiscore", if its takeover by L'Oreal goes through.

    "It's ironic that a company well-known for its anti-animal testing stance should sell-out to one that tests on animals and which has yet to show its commitment to any ethical issues at all" says Ruth Rosselson from Ethical Consumer magazine. "I for one will certainly not be shopping there again and I urge other consumers concerned about ethical issues to follow my example. There are plenty of other higher scoring ethical companies out there."

    L'Oreal receives a worst rating from Ethical Consumer for its animal testing policy, and also has had boycott calls against it for testing its cosmetic products on animals. And while the Body Shop has always considered natural ingredients as important, L'Oreal is criticised by environmental campaigners for including harmful pollutants and worrying chemicals in its cosmetics.

    L'Oreal's link to Nestlé - it owns 26% of the company - is also a concern. Nestlé is the subject of a long-running boycott because of its marketing of breast milk substitutes and is the UK's most boycotted company. Baby Milk Action, which coordinates the international Nestlé Boycott over the company's aggressive marketing of baby foods will be adding Body Shop to the list of brands from which the company profits. Mike Brady, Campaigns and Networking Coordinator at Baby Milk Action said: "Many Nestlé boycott supporters will be dismayed if the takeover goes ahead and we have to add Body Shop to list of brands from which Nestlé profits. In a global Internet vote last year Nestlé was proclaimed the world's 'least responsible company'. How could the Body Shop, with its proclaimed ethical values, have fallen into its hands? We are asking supporters to send messages to Anita Roddick asking her to reconsider." See Baby Milk Action's response to the takeover.

    "Anita Roddick has always been a keen advocate of ethical consumerism," says Ruth Rosselson. "We think consumers can now show their disgust at this highly unethical takeover by voting with their feet and their wallets and refusing to further line the pockets of L'Oreal and Nestlé. If L'Oreal is really concerned about ethical issues, it can start taking them more seriously within L'Oreal itself."

  2. Very Interesting. I was not aware of this take over and shall be investigating....
    If the above is all true, then that is very sad news. I am sure Anita Roddick would be turning in her grave. :<

  3. Wait a minute...she sold it while she was still alive??? The plot thickens...