Monday, 4 July 2011

Shop: PAWS - People & Animal Welfare Society

Where: 120 Beaufort St, Perth
Opening Hours: 7 Days a week, 11am - 8pm
What: Cafe and store (and so much more, see their website for details)
Website: PAWS

I have not eaten at the cafe yet, so I cannot comment on that, but I have shopped here and have picked up some great stuff, which I will be reviewing later. This is a great one-stop-shop for vegan and vegetarian products. You will find here things that you may have only read about and seen online but never seen in the shops, including health food shops. my biggest gripe about vegan cookbooks, is that they mention certain products you need and they turn out to be so hard to find in Perth. Well, at PAWS you are bound to find it.
The place is often staffed by volunteers. So far, I have found them to be a friendly bunch. The opening hours are generous but be warned - I have twice gone to shop there and found that they have been closed when they should have been open, with no temp sign left on the door explaining why they were closed. This is why I have taken to calling them right before setting out to shop there. Not an ideal situation but one that I have to work around in order to get to some of their yummy stuff.
 There is always the online ordering option, of course. I have not tried that yet. Being new to quite a few of their products, I have preferred to go in and check out their goods in person.

So, if you live in Perth, I urge you to pay them a visit. Take your time, have a good look around, and I bet you will leave with a bag full of vegan goodies!

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