Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Magazine: Living Vegan (Spring 2012)

I am waaaaay overdue with my review of this issue. It came out months ago! Naughty me. But then, this is still the latest issue out there, so I am not the only one lagging behind. (Ahem. Would like to see another issue soon, Living Vegan!)

Anyway, this issue contains the contentious topic of  "Is palm oil vegan?". Both sides of that are argument are presented.

There is also an interview with Lindsay McDougall, former Frenzal Rhomb lead guitarist and current Triple J DJ, who talks about his veganism.

Following that, there is an feature on the "Animals are not ours" protest that happened in central Melbourne, complete with some pretty damn powerful photos taken on the day.

Another interview is included - this time with Lee Coates from Cruelty Free Super .

Towards the back is an article on cruelty free beauty, plus all the regular segments like the Recipes page, competitions, "Vegan Spy" page, and much more. The content is heavily Australian based, as are the advertisements, which is great.

If you wish to buy one issue or to subscribe for a year, you can do so via here.


  1. Of course palm oil is vegan. Is it ethical? Not so much.

  2. Yes, I agree. Technically, it is vegan and people who argue it isn't are approaching the issue from the wrong direction. Many (though not all, I admit) vegans are also ethically minded in regards to environmental issues, which is what palm oil is mostly about - deforestation leading loss of habitat for an already endangered species at an alarming rate. Vegans (and everyone else for that matter) should be concerned and minimize or eliminate as much as possible, their consumption of this product. I found the article in this magazine interesting and do hope either way, that people reading it take heed and spread the word about it, vegan or not.