Monday, 11 March 2013

Product: Chocolate Fudge Treats by Tofutti

I have been aware of this Frozen icecream-on-a-stick treat for quite some time but did not think I would ever see it in the shops here in Perth. Tofutti are an American company that make various vegan suitable food stuffs, some of which I have tried and loved. (See my previous post about their Cuties, tubs of icecream and Marry Me bars - Yummo!)

To my surprise and joy, I actually found their Chocolate Fudge Treats in the freezer section of Coles at Dogswamp, Tuart Hill. There were boxes of them in an up right freezer cabinet, along with kosher products. (Yes, some kosher products are also vegan.) I snatched a box and took it home. The box contains 12 of the treats and to my surprise, I have actually managed to make them last!

They are creamy and delicious, tasting a lot like Peter's Billabongs. (Note for the non-Australians reading this: Billabongs are a common chocolatey dairy icecream on a stick. I have never had one in my life (yay!) but a friend has assured me that is what this product by Tofutti tastes like.)

There is a catch to this product, however. It contains Nutrasweet, which I know is a controversial ingredient for some. All I will say is, do some research and draw your own conclusions. Personally, I'd rather have the calories than artificial sweeteners, but then again, I am not adverse to consuming something once in a while that contains it. Like I said, I have one of these once in a while - not everyday, 30 calories each or not.

I have not seen them anywhere else other than my local Coles Supermarket but if anyone else has, please post a comment below and let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE: I have contacted the company in regards to palm oil, as a few people have asked me if this product contains it. Tofutti have assured me that it does not contain palm oil or any other kind of oil.

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