Friday, 29 March 2013

Product: So Delicious icecreams

I have blogged about So Delicious before - specifically about their non-dairy milks. This time, it is about their  icecreams - both the tub and 'on-a-stick' varieties.

I didn't think I would see these products in the stores here in Australia. The company is American and I have found that imported refrigerated items tend to be quite limited at times. But to my joy, I started seeing So Delicious icecreams popping up all over the place. It then became my mission to try as many varieties as I could. "Research for my blog" is what I say to my partner, the lady behind the counter, and to my friends. Ha!

First, about the tubs. I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl. Oh boy. Chocolate coconut icecream, with peanut butter swirled through it, plus choc chips. I am not a big fan of peanut butter but even I loved this. Who knew chocolate and peanut butter tasted so good? Plus, for those that may have an aversion to it, you cannot taste the coconut in this product.

My partner loves the Cookie Dough coconut icecream. You can taste the coconut in this, just a bit, bit it is mostly vanilla with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate flakes. Happy to say that despite the name, it is gluten free. 

I currently have the Turtle Trails variety in my freezer, waiting to be tasted. This one is a vanilla coconut milk icecream with caramel and chocolate covered praline pecans. Sounds so decadent!

I have yet to check out their almond milk based tubs, but am looking forward to it. (Not sure about my waistline, though!)

Now, onto their 'on-a-stick' varieties. I have seen a few of these in the shops - both the coconut milk and almond milk varieties.

I found that their Vanilla Almond Milk Minis to be creamy and delicious, with a crisp, sweet chocolate coating.  The Coconut Milk Mini was lovely, as well, though in this case, the chocolate coating tasted more like dark chocolate.

There are many more varieties in both the tubs and 'on-a-stick' products - some (but not all - yet!) which I have seen on shelves here, so do make an effort to hunt them down. It will be worth it, I promise!

I have found some of these beauties at my local healthfood shop and Fresh Stop in the Dogswamp Shopping Centre, and in  PAWS. If you have spotted them anywhere else in Perth, please comment below. Thanks!

On a final note: these are pricey products, so I approach them as occasional treats, which is really just as well. *peers over her shoulder, at her butt*


  1. I get them from Hills Fresh in Mundaring. Soooooo yummy!!

  2. Where did you buy the chocolate peanut butter flavour?

  3. From here: