Friday, 14 October 2011

Australian Eatwell

Australian Eatwell make some of my favourite vegan sausages. I find some brands make them too much like the 'real thing'. They try very hard to replicate the smell, taste and texture of animal flesh. This may be a great alternative for those who 'miss' meat or are still in the transition mode, but for me, I prefer my sausages to be something other than 'faux meat'. Australian Eatwell makes three varieties, two of which I have tried and enjoyed. They are super tasty and gluten free, as well.
You can microwave, grill, BBQ or pan fry (my preferred method) and they are ready to eat within minutes.

There are also available organic and non-organic veggie burgers, mince and organic tofu. Although all of these are vegan not all are gluten free so check the packet information. Avoid the soy cheeses as they are NOT vegan.

By far the best product from this range, is the  vegie Tofu Cuisines - Coconut Chickpea and Lemongrass.

You just heat and serve on some rice. I am not a fan of lemongrass but find that it does not over power the other flavours. From what I can tell, this product is also gluten free, as well as being vegan. There is also a Red Lentil Curry available but I have not tried it yet. It is vegan and appears to be gluten free too.

In Perth, both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets stock this range, so it is very easy to find.

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