Monday, 3 October 2011

Bonsoy by Spiral Foods

For years, I was consuming rice milk by Vitasoy. I had tried a few dairy free milks and settled on that brand's product because it tasted the best. It was a firm favourite to have on my cereal in the morning. Sure, it was a bit watery, but the taste! It was sweet, but not overly so.
And then I heard that Vitasoy's parent company invests in animal testing. It has been pretty hard trying to track solid information on this, but to play it safe, I switched to Bonsoy soymilk by Spiral Foods. This has to be the creamiest non-dairy, vegan friendly milk I have had. The catch is, it is not in the least bit sweet. Having said that, it does make for better cooking - especially for savoury recipes. I use to use the rice milk and it was too sweet and too runny for cooking with, really.
I am now in the process of trying various other brands and other types of non-dairy milks, such as rice, soy and almond milk. I have heard of hazelnut milk but have yet to find it in the shops. There is oat milk available, but this is not gluten free. I shall blog about these as I try them out. Variety is a good thing!

Bonsoy is available in major supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths, making it super easy to find.

Oh, and as a side note, Spiral Foods also does some excellent gluten free, vegan crackers, snack foods, spreads, sauces, etc. But more on that on a future blog post...


  1. I have never heard of this rice milk but will be on the lookout for it! I was really enjoying hemp milk for awhile (I think it still works well for baking) but I was just thinking last night I wanted something different. I don't have Coles or Woolworths but will be asking around--thanks! :)

  2. Hi Cara. If you mean the Bonsoy, it is a soymilk and not a rice milk. I have not had hemp milk. I have not even seen it in the shops. I must make a point of looking more carefully. It is amazing what you can find once you actually start looking.

  3. Whoops! I have to stop reading blogs late at night (and yes, 9pm is late for this grandma!) :) Yes, I meant to say the soymilk from Bonsoy :) I found myself searching for it yesterday with no luck. But I'm thinking it is an Australian product (I wonder if they ship to the U.S. for cheap?) ha.

  4. Spiral Foods (the makers of Bonsoy) are a Japanese company but they have an office here. The product, however, still is manufactured and packaged in Japan and then exported to Australia. I'd be surprised if they didn't import to the USA.