Saturday, 22 October 2011

Raw Food at PAWS Cafe

I met up with some friends at the PAWS Cafe and tried, for the first time, a bit of everything from their raw food bar. This included a raw vegan pizza slice that was seriously tasty; a creamy salad that consisted of pear slices, walnuts, spinach leaves and avocado; a crunchy, mixed sprouts salad; and a delicious marinated zucchini, capers and olive concoction. There was even more on my plate than that, but these were the elements that really stood out for me.

I got a medium sized plate, that was full to the max, for just $10. Everything tasted fresh and there were plenty of different textures, colours and flavours to enjoy. No boring limp lettuce and anemic tomatoes in sight!

I do believe that I must read up on this raw foods cookery and give it a go!

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