Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quick dessert for an ailing vegan

So, this week I had to go to the hospital for a procedure that left me with a very sore throat. So sore, that all I could consume were liquids and soft foods. I thought this was a prime time to try out that packet of jelly powder I had in the cupboard and top it off with some soy whipped cream that I had been meaning to use for ages.
 The jelly was by Just Wholefoods, a British company that does a range of  vegan friendly foods such jellies, custards, soup mixes, fruit jellies and more.

The jelly I had was the strawberry flavoured one. It is super quick and easy to make up and sets in no time. There are other flavours available - all of which I intend to try!

I topped it of with some whipped soy cream by Soyatoo. It is light and tasty and vegan. You can buy it in a carton and whip it yourself or buy it in a cannister ans spray it on, which is what I did. They also do a version made of rice, which I would like to try but have yet to find.

I bought both the jelly and whipped cream from PAWS.

Now, note in the photo below, my lack of experience and skills in using canister whipped cream! Who cares? It tasted delicious and was just what I needed!

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