Sunday, 30 October 2011

Linda McCartney Foods

I have only just fairly recently started trying out Linda McCartney Foods and have been impressed with the quality of the products on offer, which range from meat-less sausages, pies and burgers, to lasagna, cannelloni and escalopes. Not all the products are vegan, mind you - lot of them are vegetarian - and the packaging and labeling often does not help. For example, some products are described as 'vegetarian' whilst they are actually vegan. So, time to peer at the ingredients list again.

Just recently, I tried out the Vegemince, which had a great texture and flavour. It is textured soy protein which is lightly seasoned. You can use it as you would meat mince - in lasagnas, spaghetti bolognaise, chili non-carne, etc. I especially enjoyed the chewiness of it and found it to be very filling. Visually, it also looks a lot like its meat counterpart. I really do not go in for the mock meats, but did enjoy this product.

I found some of the Linda McCartney Foods range at Fresh Stop in the Dogswamp Shopping Centre, some at PAWS and some at Fresh Provisions. It is all a bit hit and miss, shopping for vegan foods, at times but by keeping your eyes peeled and making it a point to investigate as many stores as you can, you soon learn which ones are more than likely to cater to your needs.


  1. Have just brought the pies to try out!

  2. I've given you the Liebster blog award ^_^

  3. Awesome, Kate. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.
    Thanks, Kommoner. :)

  4. all the range is vegetarian, some, like the sausages, say "vegan friendly" in tiny writing! Sadly, there's a lot of wheat in the ingredients:(
    but they are useful stand by items!

  5. Yes, the gluten factor will limit my intake but as mine is just an intolerance, I can allow myself to indulge every now and then.