Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pure Harvest Organic Almond Milk

I have not had almond milk before, and was rather surprised when pouring it on my cereal this morning, to find that it is an odd shade of PINK! What was I expecting? An off-white I suppose. If pink isn't your colour, don't let it put you off because as it turns out, almond milk is rather nice. It has about the same consistency as rice milk, is a bit sweet without being an over powering aspect of this sort of nutmilk.

The brand I found was by Pure Harvest who do other products, including other non-dairy milks. Got to admit, I really was not a fan of their rice milk, though. It just did not taste all that great.

You can pick up Pure Harvest Almond Milk from Woolworths. Oh, and this product is gluten free.

I have managed to hunt down some hazelnut milk and will be trying that next.

I have heard of hemp milk but have yet to find it anywhere.


  1. I don't think Hemp Milk is 'legal for human consuption' in Australia. I've heard good things about it though.
    I plan to try some the next time I'm in the UK.
    I love this Pure Harvest brand. They have soo many varieties available, although they are not necessarily well represented at supermarkets.

  2. Nina, I just looked it up and you are right - hemp milk is available in the US and in the UK but not legal here. *sigh*
    Typical. :/