Sunday, 9 October 2011

Go Max Go Foods - Vegan chocolate bars

Being vegan doesn't mean it is all carrot and celery sticks. Although we like those with some yummy hummus, we also like to indulge, every now and then, in some naughty vegan chocolate treats.
A while back I posted about Buccaneer bars which were like a vegan version of a Milky Way bar. Well, since then, I have tried a few of Go Max Go's  other products. 
There is their Twilight Bar which is a vegan version of a Mars bar, Snap! which is a crunchy rice and chocolate bar that reminds me of Kit Kats, and the Mahalo bar which tastes like a Bounty and is my favourite. Mmmmmmmmm.....! 

There are two products that I have not tried, as they contain peanuts, which my body is not too keen on: Jokerz bars, which I am told taste like Snickers bars and Cleos which are vegan peanut butter cups.

There is palm oil in these products, and if you are concerned about the environmental aspects of this ingredient, the company does provide information on where and how their source this.

These products are not marked as being gluten free, and although they do not contain gluten containing ingredients, they are made in a shared facility so there may be trace amounts of gluten in them. If, like me, you have a gluten intolerance rather than an all out allergy, you should be safe to eat these moderation of course!

If you are in Perth, these beauties are available at both PAWS stores - city and Tuart Hill. 


  1. I would live off these bars if I could. If only I wouldn't die of malnutrition in no time! But I would die happy. :)
    Note to self: don't read MoFO blogs while hungry...

  2. Hahaha! Yes, I know what you mean. I have to 'ration' these out to myself in order not to INHALE them. ;)