Friday, 28 October 2011

Chocolate Hazelnut Dairy-Free Milk - Delicious!!!

Whoah! This drink is soooooo delicious! Made by Pacific Natural Foods, whose all non-dairy beverages are  vegan friendly. It doesn't say 'vegan' on the packaging but by studying the ingredients list and then searching through their website, this has been confirmed. Their FAQ's, infact, are very informative.

I have never had hazelnut milk before. I was expecting a much nuttier taste. Instead, what you get with their Hazelnut Chocolate milk is a cream, smooth, real chocolate tasty. Chilled, this beverage is divine! And it is gluten free, contains no GMO's and is fortified with vegan friendly vitamin A and D.

This American company also produces hemp milk, which I have yet to find and try but really want to. They also do almond, rice, and oat dairy-free milks, too.

Apart from the non-dairy milks, Pacific Natural Foods also offer vegan soy drinks, iced teas, creamy soups and broths. Some of these also gluten free.

I found the Chocolate Hazelnut Milk at a health food shop, along with a few of their other products. I recommend you look in your local health food shop and if they don't stock this brand, as them to! I most certainly will be asking for the hemp milk.


  1. Oh yes I tried this the other day this is really yummmm

  2. I am addicted to this stuff, its pretty healthy too