Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers does a delicious Original Seed Cracker. (pictured) These have to be the yummiest crackers I have had in ages. The are vegan and gluten free. Crunch and tasty, with a mix of brown rice, quinoa, sesame seeds and flax seeds. I have had them with dips, salads and just on their own. I also love that they have 'vegan' boldly displayed on the front of the box AND they live up to that claim. There are, of course, other flavours such as Onion, Herb, Black Pepper, and Caraway. All vegan, too. I haven't tried those yet, but hope to.
There are also cookies and pretzel sticks available, which are gluten free and vegan too.

I found this range at Fresh Provisions in Mt Lawley. I dare say their other stores ( in Bicton and Claremont) may also stock this brand.


  1. I love those crackers, just wish they were a bit cheaper here. Nice to see another aussie in the gf thread!

  2. Another Australian Vegan! One from my home town too! I'm so relieved. I actually lived in Mt Lawley when I was little and my brother only just closed his hair salon there last week! Great blog :)

  3. K - Yes, they are a bit pricey, thanks to being imports. But, I like to treat myself now and then and just go for it! :)

    healthypartygirl - I lived there for a while, too. Small world.